Yellow Fish Mouth

Sarı Ağaz BalığıFamily: Gölgebalığıgil first (Sciaenidae). Current locations: Atlantic Ocean, the Black Sea, Marmara and Mediterranean. Features: 2 meters in length. 70 kg in weight, gray colored fish. Intraoral are yellow. Variety: It is the only known species.

Bony fish (Teleostei) from the team, a huge fish that live in the sea. 2 meters in length, weight 70 kg is reached. His body is covered with large scales. Gray back, its belly is silvery. I love the sandy parts. Spawns the end of March. Intraoral are yellow. Sardines and mackerel fish is fed by hunting. Sometimes the fresh water is introduced into their mouths. The meat is delicious. Sought by fishermen. Is a powerful fish. A queue of people can overthrow the coup. Who fished from boats taken and killed. Top of tasty and palatable.