Tuna fish

Orkinoz Balığı

Tuna, tuna fish, also known as scombroid (Scombridae) from the family constitute the genus Thunnus Euthnnus and Katsuwonus height of 5-6 meters, which can reach a weight of 900 kilograms ad.çok given to migratory fish species swim faster. Self prey on small fish. Used in canned meat. Body are rounded front of a large, the structure has a tapered rearwardly. There is a small distance between the two dorsal fins. 8 or 9 fin pinnul has called a liar. These fins on the back, located behind the anal fin. 

The upper side of the body dark blue or black, sides silvery white, drooping of ventral fins has two pieces of meat. Edge of the caudal fin is white. 1,000,000 lay eggs close-up. March, June, July, and August are the reproductive period.