Toric Fish

Torik BalığıFamily: scombroid (Scombridae). Current locations: Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea in vekaradeniz. Features: Backpack blue stripes, as well silvery color of a marine fish. Length can be up to one meter. Canning is also important. Variety: It is the only species in our seas. By age, chestnut, acorn, acorn gypsy, bonito, pointed, takes names like ALTIPARMAK.

Scombroid fish from the family a delicious meat. Toric and bonito fish of the same species are the names in farklıyaş. Bluish back, sides and belly are silvery. Plump body is laterally compressed, narrow at both ends. Roughly tapered head, the tail is elongated stem. Pectoral fins small area, often covered with scales. There are two dorsal fins. The second dorsal and anal fin, caudal and small yüzgeççik (pinnul) will follow. His mouth is covered with sharp and strong teeth. Small fish are fed with. There is no swimming bladder. Swim 40 km per hour speed. Bonito mouths slightly open, stretched pectoral fins, dorsal fin can be seen that the face is down. To ventilate their gills and must swim constantly to sink.