Sea bream Fish

Karagöz BalığıAll sea bream living in our country , is a fish unique to temperate seas . Although located in the Black Sea of Marmara and the Mediterranean are less than number . In Turkish, sometimes wooden fish, flapping , caracal , but mostly bream as recognizing other languages ​​Blacktail bream , twoband bream (USA), avlias , kampanas , kakarelos ( Yun ) , Sargon mojarra ( Spanish), sparus negro ( Rom. ) , amarela (Pol ) are found with the name . High back and sides of the body profile is flattened because of the almost circular disc appearance. The entire body is covered with large scales have good adaptability . The dorsal fin hard, long and is one piece ; There are stinging spines on the front side , but they are not as dangerous as cigarette butts in fish . The side fins are quite long , the anal fin and tail also extends to the back in one piece , such as ; tail fin is soft and well-developed . The color is dark fins . High- back profile as in all fish developed fins with the advantage of a very vibrant and highly maneuverable fish. This property is a member of the family Sparidae occurs in all fish . One immediately behind the head to one of two black bands on the tail fin knuckles as characteristic of fish is introduced , the tail node is found in the second tape combined with a black patch . Dark color of the back side a little more open belly is white. In the back toward the tail extends a few bright silvery lines . Top of smallish eyes is normal size. The mouth is small but very strong jaws . All hard jaws and grinding teeth are covered with stinging cone . This is not cutting teeth kesemes team also can open fishhook may break even next door resin shows jaw and tooth structure . Put the teeth , especially the front teeth look like . These teeth have decimated shellfish such as mussels may open sea bream , rock overcome the scrape of stone can remove the bread . This way is also supplied to plants . It also happens that eating the small fish . Up to 160 meters deep winter retreating to the coast in summer is approaching is usually found at depths less than 50 meters . From time to time , especially in hard rocks are feeding water flowing eddy approaching the image his face is very frequently happens . Puppies can be seen in the bottom mossy or sandy shores . There are swimming bladder . One of the local fish that do not migrate from the sea shall complete their life they were born . Hermaphrodite display features , that can change sex after a while .

Reproduction of our country due to warming waters between the months of April to July is sometimes August. Eggs is added to water deficit. Usually are found in droves. 45 inches of paint, they also frequent access to a weight of 1.5 average height between 15-25 inches, weighs about half a kilo is. It is believed they live 10-12 years of red sea bream. Bream waters of our country with the same life story of three different types are available. This type of story also has the same life with bream and generally live together. These fish are also briefly recognize the benefits.