Red snapper

Kırlangıç Balığı

Average of 25-30 cm is rarely found in all our seas swallow up to 75 cm are also seen. Red-pink color of the back, and the abdomen is pink or white. Closest relative, the orphan, or the whole of this fish pink-gray with gray back, and with a mouth like a duck beak of orphans are separated. Swallows both delicious and in general is preferred. Very advanced gills and throat structure meth humming or moaning sounds at different frequencies as they. 

This is due to the sound of howling fish is called by many fishermen and sinister sayılır.kırlangıç ​​is not suitable for grilling and frying pan. Steaming, especially the soup is very tasty. The extract was boiled meats tub gurnard or olive oil-lemon mayonnaise to as cold can be eaten as an appetizer.