Octopus Fish

Ahtapot BalığıOctopuses have species diversity and abundance, as well as nutritional quality and from economic değeriaçı, after an intense run of fish in the sea as the group emerges. Belongs to the class marine cephalopods octopus is the most intelligent creatures as food preferences with bilinirler.çeşitl octopus (crabs, small fish, crustaceans, cephalopods, etc..) Seasonal migrations are living organisms. When the conditions were appropriate hydrographic üremev as close to the coast with the aim of feeding nesting features here gösterirler.kıyısal benthic species living in the area this April - May makes seasonal migrations in coastal areas, and more are introduced for breeding purposes.

Turkey on the shores of the Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean coasts distribution. Easy adaptation, high growth and reproduction rates, high market value of such properties makes it an attractive species for aquaculture. The optimum temperature range for culture studies 13-20 ° C, 0.32% of salinity - should be 0.35%, respectively. Started breeding this species in some Mediterranean countries, beer in our önceülke arametre alternative aquaculture breeding should be determined according to the scope and culture should be given.