Mullet Fish

Kefal BalığıFamily: Kefalgil first (Mugilidae). Places lived: marine and fresh waters of tropical and temperate regions. Features: body covered with large scales, double back fin, a herbivorous fish. Gray back, abdomen, sides are silvery white. Length varies between 25-90 cm. I liked the meat, hunting is difficult. Life span: 15-16 years. Types: There are six species living in our water. Striped mullet, lipped gray mullet, golden gray mullet, mullet topbaş, polatar, the Illyrian.

Away from the bony fish agile body covered with large scales . Circulates hot and warm sea shores in droves . They also enter into the sea to rivers and lakes . But do not live in fresh water constantly , return to the sea to breed . Sandy , rocky and muddy bottoms are fed to the plant debris and algae . Weak teeth are not predators , their mouths are small. Sand and mud into their mouths , taking up nutrients in after extracting again blasted out . Sewage spilled into the sea , mostly in their mouths income . Intestines are very long ( up to 210 cm ), muscular stomach is in two parts . White meat fat and palatable. Mullet, agile and cunning fish are difficult to catch because fishing line and nets . Mostly fished with spreader and precipitation . Length according to their age and type varies between 25-90 cm . The dorsal fin is in two parts . Right next to the exit of the gills and fins diving easier. Our seas and lakes abound in Kucukcekmece . Nutrition and winter with the intention of killing patients who entered the Lake Kucukcekmece kefaller back to the sea to spawn from the beginning of June . When hunting with precipitation in parts of the lake near the sea . Length of 40-65 cm and a weight of 1.5-4 kg income . Istanbul Kucukcekmece mullet is the most sought after in the market . Weight ranges from 150 to 750 g of the ovaries . Caviar is precious . (See Caviar ) in May or June in the Black Sea mullet start of the breeding . Eggs develop in the upper layer of water . There are 9 kg from foreign waters . Turkey is rare in waters last four kilograms . They hunt every season . They live up to 15-16 years . Chest, abdomen, or the first dorsal fin spines from the sections from the age determination can be made. Fins , near the base of the cut with scissors along with a little muscle , should be taken 2-3 weeks after drying section . Most relevant first dorsal fin is the first hard spines . Japan, China and in Israel in recent years , along with carp, chub are grown in ponds . Small mullet fry , with a small network of river mouths into the sea is captured. To avoid damage to the mucosal protective coverings being touched by hand with buckets , storage tanks are transferred to . Both tanks are transferred to the offspring of the pool should be given to the ambient temperature . Pools rich algae ( seaweed ) should contain . Trial pools 6 cm long and 3 g weight dropped 35 cm in length and in 6 months mullet fry weighed about 400 g up access .