Grouper Fish

Orfoz Balığı

Side of the body is flat and oval in shape. Head and mouth are great. The skin is thick and scaly little. 1st dorsal fin is higher, has merged with the 2nd dorsal fin. Head, while the back and sides seen alive, died, lost greenish, yellow stains and has vertical bands. the lower side is lighter. Gill covers are open and thorny. Yuvarlaktır.orfoz tail fin is a hermaphrodite, sexually mature female sex organs have the time. 

A certain period of his life as a female at the age of 18 after spending the disappearance of the female sex organs and instead develop male sex organs rest of his life as a man yaşar.derinlig 100 m. yaşar.büyüklüg up waters between the rocks is approximately 60 cm, the maximum would be 140 cm. Ağrlıg average 15 kg. is close to the maximum weight is 60 kg olur.yaşa every year and live 60 years.