Bonito Fish

Palamut Balığı

Mackerel, bonito and tuna belongs to a family containing. Living in droves frees, dark meat is a migratory fish. Striped back, its belly is silver color. There are up to 1 meter in length. Varieties of this family is seen in all our seas most delicious are those in the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea. Black Sea and the Marmara acorn head to the tail goes into the correct uniform lines, four are dark, seven-piece band has three clear tempered. 

Living in Aegean bonito, tuna and skipjack tuna spotted close relatives names in the field in waves towards the back of the abdomen at least 16 multi-colored bands around the abdomen at least three black spots. The taste of the meat of this breed, it is not good when compared to genuine acorn. But many people bilmeyip this feature "acorn" he deceived and then cools from acorns.