About Us


In 1977 Azabkapı the kabzımallıkl домой to start in 1978, our export activities we put in the fishing industry market regulating role to the country fisheries by promoting a steady development, helping breeders warranty market by becoming a production continuity, enabling our country fishing potential is high but the level of sophistication aspect in lagging regions contribute to social and economic development, to improve production quality, reliable and affordable products to offer to consumers. 

In Turkey in 1985 since operating quality, sales volume and profitability in terms of an outstanding regional companies, the TV system involved in taking our own structure as well bouzouki we have started to produce and production by developing ourselves (crystal and block ice) in Istanbul all the markets opened to have. 

3 Finally, in 1997 we have established our company that AKYILDIZ precious metals. To consistently exceeding customer and consumer satisfaction in the market to identify opportunities before everyone else, create and achieve superior performance to cherish within our workforce, to develop and to attract. Using the latest technology, without compromising on quality and hygiene we aim to provide customer satisfaction and to you over 30 years of experience and expertise to provide the highest quality service with the best and have a principle.



We take the commitment and quality of work in all jobs, clean the principle of our company experienced, dynamic and expert staff to provide quality services and always have a principle.



The smiling faces of customers and ensure customer satisfaction with an unconditional satisfaction is;

* With our team of qualified professionals with the latest technology, our company with the proper data by producing quality system implementation and effectiveness of the establishment is to ensure continuous improvement.

* Awareness of the importance of ensuring continuity of quality and our staff have the relevant specialization in certain periods is check and improve our quality.

* In line with continuous improvement efforts to build team spirit. 

* About the time of the same quality to our customers by delivering quality to ensure continuity in the direction to increase our customer portfolio.